Recipe by Siloh Radovsky

Refreshing in summertime. Add vodka for a lemonade-like cocktail! Serves 4



  1. Go out and find a bunch of sumac growing somewhere, like along a lake or a river, or at the edge of a forest, or maybe your yard or your neighbor’s yard. This is best in early to mid summer.
  2. Harvest whole stalks of the red berries. For a quart jar’s worth of sumac-ade, use 3-4 of these berry clusters, or more for added strength. Place them into your jar, cover with cool water, and chill for an hour while the berries cold-infuse into the water.
  3. Decant over ice by pouring into serving glasses through a small strainer to catch any stray berries or fuzz. This is the best drink for the hottest days.